The Old Guard - Earthen Ring
January 20, 2018, 03:03:14 PM *
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Author Topic: Don't forget about the cake!  (Read 510 times)
The GM
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« on: January 26, 2017, 08:07:06 PM »

Last week, Nighthold opened up so we put on our finest gear with enchants to head in and see what we could do about the whole Nightwell, Elisande and Guldan situation.  We carefully snucked through the sewers of Black Temple Nighthold and came upon a huge scorpion...  Well, more specifically, heroic Skorpyron.

A decent starter to the evening.  A bit like nibbling on the free bread or eating a packet of sugar while you wait for a meal (hopefully without the wrapper).  After Skorps, we ran across a bridge and encountered some mobs that made us understand how mob packs feel when they deal with our DK tank Tini.  With the mobs down, we took on heroic Chronomatic Anomaly.

An interesting fight, a bit chaotic with the time elements.  Heroism with the Speed: Fast buff will always be fun.  Awesome shaders.  We pushed on, looking for more.  And we finally found it... We found cake!

Heroic Trilliax was an okay fight.  It'll probably be the one fight everyone will remember that spinning cutters don't always have to spin in the same direction.  Plus the cake!

These kills bring the Old Guard to 3/10 in heroic Nighthold.  Not too bad for the start of a new raid instance.  These first three bosses are just quick checks to see if everyone in the raid is awake and remember their keybindings.  The real meal starts up the stairs past about a dozen trash packs with more waiting behind them.

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