The Old Guard - Earthen Ring
December 14, 2017, 06:09:05 AM *
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Garothi Worldbroken by Nanako
[November 29, 2017, 07:00:49 AM]

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[November 29, 2017, 01:56:19 AM]

Blackdog - 32 Druid - Balance - Community by Naterra
[November 29, 2017, 12:07:33 AM]

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xx Garothi Worldbroken
November 29, 2017, 07:00:49 AM by Nanako
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Christmas is right around the corner and within minutes of The Old Guard deciding to open our new raid present a bit early.  We already had an accident and one shot the first toy in the instance, leaving it a broken mess in the pit below. Unfortunately, Blizzard has a no-returns policy on broken toys so we will just have to go find some new presents in the raid to play a bit too rough with.

This opening salvo sets a strong pace and brings us to 1/11 in Heroic Antorus, The Burning Throne.

Filed by Toolazi

xx 2017 OGAWDs Winners!
October 04, 2017, 09:27:37 PM by Nanako
Views: 276 | Comments: 0

The Old Guard Awards for Wonderous Deeds, OGAWDs, are awards that recognizes outstanding achievements in the Old Guard.  The nominees for each category were selected by the guild and the winners voted on by the guild in a secret ballot.  The winners were announced at a small ceremony Tuesday night.  Each winner was rewarded with one million copper pieces.

And now the recipients for our 2017 Old Guard Awards for Wonderous Deeds!

OMG What Happened?
Most spectacular raid wipe caused by one of our members.
Accidentally pulling the KJ which caused the bridges to despawn and kill half the raid. Also every single trash pull in Nighthold. We've wiped on darn near every one of them at some point...

Lemming Award
To the raider who who always attempts to kill other members during raids.

Witty Repertoire
Always has a response to every comment.  Guild smartass.

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
To the guild member that has stopped playing WoW, but we all wished would come back.

To the member with the sexiest voice on vent.
Belade, Jezsri(Kaatei) and Nomegamok(Nomegar)

32.3333% (Repeating, Of Course) Chance Of Survival
To the guild member who has a great love for theory crafting.

Don't They Have Anything Better to Do?
To that guild member who always seems to be online.

Looking For Party
To the guild member that always seems to be in a 5-man group.

Sexiest Gnome
Self explanatory.  Half gnomes are accepted.

I Ate A Baby
To the guild member who always seems to make gnome-eating references.
Murlen(Drty Old Dwarf/Merlen)

Miss Congeniality
Friendliest guild member!  

Old Guard MVP
Our most valuable guild member of the year.
Naterra and Jessaril(Nanako/Madoka)

Congratulations to all of the winners!

xx Posing naked under the shadow of Argus...
September 19, 2017, 06:57:48 PM by Nanako
Views: 316 | Comments: 0

A couple weeks ago, the Old Guard finally managed to down Heroic Kil'jaeden pre-nerf, pre-crucible, pre-Irma, pre-something-else so huzzah for the win.  A bit of an over-tuned fight for heroic mode where a single mistake or bad ability timing sinks an entire attempt quickly and mercilessly.  An impeding Hurricane Irma forced the evacuation for some of that week which caused a few to miss out but the team will make sure their time put into the fight will be rewarded with a kill during the wait for Antorus, the Burning Throne to start up.

At least we still know how to properly pose for a raid kill picture.

I am almost concerned of what the next kill picture will look like....

This kill closes out Heroic Tomb of Sargeras at 9/9.  Not a bad raid instance overall with some really fun fights.  

Time to speculate on when the next raid content drops...

xx But where are his legs?
August 08, 2017, 10:17:21 PM by Nanako
Views: 362 | Comments: 0

After our wonderful time playing DJ Hero against Maiden of Virtue, we finally gained access to the catacombs sealed for ages and to our surprise found the Fallen Avatar of Sargeras sealed for eternity and guarded by the Maiden of Valor. Members of the Old Guard prepared for a difficult fight and suddenly noticed he had no legs. Being the valorous raiders we are we just couldn't hit someone when they were down, so we decided to strap on a pair or two of those legs we had taken from Ragnaros back in the Firelands.

After evening the odds (for him), we proceeded to hand him another beat down from which he wont recover and moved on to 8/9 in the Heroic Tomb of Sergeras.

A well done job to all our heroic raiders as all that now stands between us and Argus is an epic fight against the deceiver himself, Kil'Jaeden.

-- Filed by Toolazi

xx WoW Hero
July 18, 2017, 07:57:58 PM by Nanako
Views: 377 | Comments: 0

That beat, those lights, this boss... it must be time for the Old Guard to play some DJ Hero against special guest DJ the Maiden of Vigilance. After a few rounds of learning the controls and how to crossfade between tracks properly, we managed to get the crowd fired up and on our side and proved we were the masters of this game quickly rising through the ranks to superstar status.

Having mastered getting our 5 star rank on track mixing we dropped the beat on Maiden bringing us to 7/9 in the Tomb of Sergeras and letting us finally descend into the catacombs sealed for ages below to face that which should never have been disturbed.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

-- Filed by Toolazi

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